Feature-Length Screenplays



Estella, haunted by premonitious dreams, searches for their cause and cure in order to save the lives of her loved ones as well as her own sanity.


Till We Meet Again (working title)

In the entire history of mankind, no two people have ever been more perfect for each other than Shyla and Gavin; but they are completely clueless to that fact because they have never even met. 



Myra hasn’t seen Vivian since their falling out in high school, but when they bump into each other on a subway platform, they quickly realize how much they've needed a true friend in their lives.


The Dating Game (working title) 

Playing the field is fine, but what happens when the field plays you?

Suzy & Cassie


Suzette, a stay-at-home mom, and Cassandra, a young college student, become instant friends despite the disapproval of Suzie's abusive husband who wants nothing more but to seduce Cassie and keep her for himself.